How to Obtain Fire Reports in San Diego

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Fires are unfortunately common occurrences, and victims of fire damage may be wondering what the next step should be after their ordeal. We’ve constructed a short primer for anyone reeling from the effects of a fire or a fire-related injury in San Diego.

Anyone that has sustained an injury from a fire will have to contact his or her insurance company soon after the ordeal. To successfully file an insurance claim for the accident, the victim must obtain a fire report. Citizens of San Diego can contact the Fire Incident Clerk at (619) 533-4300. If the incident required an investigation, it may take longer to procure. It takes about one week to obtain the report.

Why are Fire Reports Important?

A fire report is a detailed account of the fire in question. Insurance companies need to see this report to make a determination for your claim. Most insurance policies have restrictions on what types of fires are eligible for policy payouts, and insurance adjusters will likely look for anything that would disqualify your claim.

Some insurance companies attempt to pay out as little as possible, or avoid paying altogether, if they believe the circumstances can be interpreted in their favor. If you have suffered an injury from a fire or fire-related incident, it’s vital to understand your legal rights and what your options are.

Seek Legal Counsel

After you’ve recovered from your injuries, you’ll need a medical report that details the extent of your injuries. Burns and smoke inhalation are the most common injuries associated with fires, and both can leave permanent damage. Your medical report will outline how you were injured, how badly, and what type of lasting effects the injuries will have. This document is crucial for insurance purposes, but it will also be very important if your injuries were the result of negligence or criminal activity.

If you believe another person or entity is responsible for your injuries, it is critical to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to go over your options. You may be entitled to compensation outside of your insurance policy. A competent and reliable attorney will be able to help you navigate a personal injury case and also deal with difficult insurance agents.

The fire report will outline what caused the fire and the extent of the damage. If there is anything suspicious at the scene, the responding officers will likely conduct an investigation. The details of the fire report will be necessary for dealing with your insurance company, and the report will also be a crucial document should you need to file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for the fire.

How to Win Your Case

Your attorney will go over the details of your situation with you. If the fire in question was the result of another person’s irresponsible or dangerous behavior, your attorney will likely recommend issuing a complaint against this individual, letting him or her know you intend to sue for damages. In the rare occasion that someone deliberately started the fire in question, the defendant may face criminal charges for arson, and the courts award you punitive damages as a result.

The fire report and your medical report are two of the most important documents necessary to winning your case. Your chances will improve further if you have an experienced and reliable attorney on your side. At the Liljegren Law Group, our top priority in every case is to maximize our clients’ recovery, meaning we will explore every possible channel for compensation on your behalf.

Fire damage is difficult to repair, and injuries caused by fires can have lasting effects and leave permanent scars. If the fire was caused by someone else, either deliberately or through negligence, there is no reason you should bear the burden alone. Reach out to the Liljegren team for a free case evaluation, and we’ll go over your options.



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