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An apartment or a house can be consumed by fire in minutes. Injuries from building fires can be extremely painful, life changing, and often fatal. Such injuries most often involve burns, but also may include head trauma and broken bones from explosions, cuts and abrasions from flying or falling debris, and inhalation of smoke or toxic fumes. Cases involving such injuries can be very complicated and establishing liability and recovering damages requires the expertise of a California building fire injury lawyer with prior experience handling fire and explosion cases.

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Liljegren Law Group’s California building fire injury lawyers have experience in handling fire and explosion cases, determining who was responsible and holding them accountable. We have successfully handled several cases involving building fires. Schedule your free consultation today to talk to out Southern California team to discuss your lawsuit. We will make sure that we hold those responsible for your medical bills and recovery, call (866) 613-9906 today!

Causes of building fires may include:

  • Improper gas line locations
  • Contractors striking gas lines
  • Broken stove or gas line leak
  • Poorly maintained furnace or water heater
  • Kitchen fire
  • Old or faulty electrical wiring
  • Poor electrical maintenance
  • Flammable carpets, curtains, fabrics and other building materials
  • Broken, improperly installed, or malfunctioning fire safety equipment such as sprinklers, smoke detectors or alarms, fire extinguishers, fire escapes and fire doors

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Apartment Building Fires | Who is Liable?

An apartment building is a private premises with three or more apartments that is taken care of by a landlord, property manager or other type of property owner. The property owner is responsible for providing tenants and their guests with a safe building. This means they must comply with the safety regulations for apartment buildings. If safety regulations go overlooked or are ignored altogether, serious injury and death can occur. Landlords, as well as property builders, must comply with the state fire safety codes. If they are not followed, fires can start and spread more rapidly than if the codes were followed.

The California building fire injury attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group carefully evaluate and investigate your case. Our attorneys will help you determine your best options in pursuing full compensation for losses and injuries.

Buildings are full of materials and objects that can fuel fires. An apartment or a house can be consumed by fire in minutes. When essential safety precautions, equipment, or systems fail, tragedies can ensue. Our fire attorneys in California carefully evaluate and investigate your case. Our house and apartment fire attorneys help individuals, families and property owners in California determine their best options in pursuing full compensation for losses and injuries.

Often a fire can be blamed by no one, but fire stoppage issues allowed the fire to burn to a greater extent than it should have. In these cases, property owner negligence is often to blame. Property owners bear a responsibility to install proper fire safety measures such as smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, standpipe systems and proper building materials. Failure to do so can result in serious and fatal injuries that could have been avoided.

Building Fire Injuries | Get Legal Help Today

Building fires can cause horrible injuries. People who are injured in building fires suffer greatly, as burn injuries are extremely painful and difficult to treat. Fire victims often suffer smoke inhalation injuries as well. A burn injury victim may require multiple surgeries, skin grafts, physical therapy, adapted living quarters and other expensive needs. Our attorneys are aggressive litigators who fight for maximum compensation for burn injury victims. We understand the physical, emotional and financial burden you face, and our California burn injury attorneys are here to help.

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California building fire injury Attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group have a proven track record of results. We provide clients with high-quality services and have the experience and resources it takes to hold landlords, product manufacturers and other negligent parties accountable for actions and decisions that lead to fires that hurt innocent people. Contact our office today at (866) 613-9906 for a free initial legal consultation.

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