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The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was created to provide safe working environments for workers. Although the standards enforced by OSHA have helped to reduce the occurrence of such accidents, preventable workplace accidents unfortunately still occur. And when they do, the consequences of them can be catastrophic to victims and their families. However, a California industrial accident lawyer can often help ease the cost burden of medical bills, lost wages, and rehab.

Working in industrial environments can expose workers to some serious safety risks that most other workers never encounter. In addition to the presence of heavy machinery and equipment, workers may also be more prone to involvement in accidents involving dangerous chemical substances or exposure to toxic fumes. The consequences of any of these can cause serious injury or wrongful death.

Industrial accidents can take place in any line of work, though employees are especially at risk in environments involving defective cranes, scaffolding, power tools, forklifts, earth movers and other heavy and/or dangerous industrial equipment. Working with explosives or other volatile materials can also cause industrial accidents.

Industrial accidents occur when a third party or a contracted party bears some party for the injury. Such situations involve negligence on the part of others: for example, faulty or defective equipment or improper maintenance carried out by an outside vendor. Industrial accidents can also be traced back to equipment manufacturers, vendors or other third parties. Determining where negligence lies can often be difficult. A California industrial accident lawyer at the Liljegren Law Group can help determine liability on behalf of its clients.

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits. If your accident was due to defective equipment or a safety violation however, you may be able to obtain additional compensation for your future wage losses and pain and suffering through what is known as a third party claim. In many cases, the compensation received from the third party claim can far exceed that received from the workers’ compensation system. In these cases however, it is important to manage both claims properly in order to maximize the total compensation the accident victim receives.

If you or a loved one is the victim of an accident at a construction or other industrial site, you need to preserve your right to make a claim. A skilled California industrial accident lawyer offers advice for both temporary and permanent compensation for injuries, both of which are reimbursable under workers’ compensation.

At the Liljegren Law Group, you are working with a personal injury law firm that has years of experience in cases involving workplace accidents, such as those sustained at construction sites and industrial locations. We represent workers who have been injured due to contractor or subcontractor negligence, the negligence of equipment manufacturers, and the carelessness of others. Our firm is dedicated to helping injured workers like you obtain the largest amount of compensation possible for your losses.

Most industrial and construction site accidents are caused by third parties rather than the employer itself. Third parties involve vehicle drivers not directly employed by your company, contractors, and other third party companies or individuals. It is in these cases that your attorney can seek monetary compensation for non-economic damages, such as emotional suffering and physical pain. You can also claim future wage losses. Overall, the damages can exceed the value of workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to.

Industrial accident injuries can be devastating and they can keep you out of work for a while or they can keep you from working again in your life. Even if you can’t work, there are still bills to be paid and workers’ compensation is not always enough. If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident contact a California industrial accident attorney at the Liljegren Law Group today at 866.613.9906 for a free legal consultation.

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